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Ulsletten wins Burn River Jump Slopestyle
Posted Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 6:59 pm by Dunx
Emil Ulsletten is the winner of the BURN SLOPESTYLE CONTEST 2012 in Livigno, Italy. Thanks to his great performance the 18 year old Norwegian managed to convince the judges and claimed the slopestyle title of the 6th edition of the BURN RIVER JUMP 2012, winning US$ 8.000 prize-money and valuable points for the TTR ranking list. Accompanied by lots of spectators Emil Ulstletten celebrated his victory followed by his fellowman Ulrik Badertscher and Roope Tonteri from Finland.

Emil Ulsletten (NOR) takes 1st © Burn River Jump

For the UK, Billy Morgan finished in 13th, although we think he may not join Jamie Nicholls in the main River Jump Big Air as he's bruised his heel during practice.

Blue-bird sky and perfect conditions up on the mountain (2.400 m) were offered to the 30 riders from 10 nations, who competed in today’s slopestyle finals. The slopestyle course in the Mottolino Swatch Snowpark consists of five obstacles. It starts with two jibbing elements, the “Burn Can” and the “Burton Punching Ball”, succeeded by the kicker-line in the second part: the first kicker (21 m) is followed by a step up (19 m) and gap (9 m), a third kicker (22 m) with a enormous wideness (16 m) constitutes the ending of the parcours.

All of the riders had three runs, the best one counted. With his third run Emil Ulsletten cut out of the leading position the previous year’s winner Ulrik Badertscher. The young Norwegian started his winning run with a Cab 180 360 off, followed by a Frontside 360, a Switch Backside 1080 over the first kicker, a Cab Double Cork 900 finishing with a Frontside 900. For that performance he earned 93.67 points. Ulrik Badertscher’s run (92.00 points) consisted of a Hardway 360 180 off, Backside Air, Backside 1080, Double Backside Rodeo 900 and a Cab 1080. Roope Tonteri completed the podium (3. with 89.00 points) thanks to a Cab 180 180 Off, Cab 360, Cab 1260, Frontside 720 and a Backside 1260.

Roope Tonteri (FIN) 3rd © Burn River Jump

In the international high level starting field the six riders from the hosting country Italy reached respectable results. Stefano Munari (10.), Giorgio Ciancaleoni (11.), Simon Gruber (19.), Marco Donzelli (20.), Kevin Kok (22.) and Marco Grigis (23.).

The Top 10 from today are automatically qualified for the second TTR 5 star competition in Livigno, which will be held tomorrow.

Final Results of the BURN SLOPESTYLE CONTEST 2012
1.Emil Ulsletten/NOR 93.67 points
2.Ulrik Badertscher/NOR 92.00
3.Roope Tonteri/FIN 89.00
4.Staale Sandbech/NOR 88.67
5.Aleksander Ostreng/NOR 82.67

Burn RIver Jump Slopstyle Podium © Burn River Jump

Full ranking lists are available on

Action continues with the BURN RIVER JUMP 2012 on Thursday

The program will continue tomorrow with the spectacular big air contest downtown in Livigno. The riders have to cross the river Spoel using a huge kicker. Impressive riding and amazing tricks will be guaranteed to the crowd. The entrance is for free, the qualifications are scheduled for 15h15 and the grand finale of the BURN RIVER JUMP will take place from 20h15 to 22h15.

From the invited riders list are burning the names of international top stars, among them the double X-Games winner 2012 from Canada, Mark McMorris, the current leader of the TTR Overall Ranking Staale Sandbech/NOR, Werner Stock/AUT, Jamie Nicholls/GBR, Roope Tonteri/FIN, Ulrik Badertscher/NOR and 2011 Burn River Jump winner Aleksander Ostreng/NOR.

Check out the live-stream of the BURN RIVER JUMP finals 2012 on:

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